Can You Burn Fat By Eating?

What you eat has everything to do with where it goes in (or on) the body. Most likely around the holidays, you were eating food that tends to go…well on the body rather than into the body to fuel it. Hey – we’ve all been there! 

Now that it’s the new year (Oh yeah, Happy New Year to you in case no one has told you in the last hour!) it’s time to approach your relationship with food in a new way. Less beating yourself up, and more looking at food as a source of fuel, nourishment, and indulgence! 


That’s right – I said indulge. You can indulge in food and not be tipping the scales. We humans hear the word indulgence and think of over-indulgence. These two things are not the same! You can, and should, enjoy the nourishing, tasty, satisfying food you eat. Eating well should not feel like you are consuming cardboard…who wants that? 


Unfortunately, we tend to starve ourselves of those nourishing and delicious foods thinking we are going to lose weight through restriction. Then we eventually reach a boiling point that looks like an off-the-wall sugar binge. Our bodies are so deprived of nutrients that we reach for the quick-fix, fast sugar foods and those are the foods that go on the body in the form of fat instead of in the body in the form of fuel.


You haven’t fed yourself, you’ve overindulged in food-like substances that most likely have the nutritional profile of a Whole Foods bag. 


Our cravings are our body’s way of telling us it has a nutritional need and we over-indulge because the food we are eating doesn’t supply the nutrition. You have to eat a whole lot of fast food to hit the nutritional needs of your body because your local McDonald’s is so devoid of nutrition. That’s why you can eat 4 McD’s cheeseburgers and still feel hungry. You’re likely not hungry, just lacking nutrition, so your body is sending you signals to keep eating until you get what you need!


So, what is one to do? Firstly, don’t starve yourself. Cravings indicate a lot in terms of what your body is lacking! Chocolate craving? You may be low in minerals. Sugar? You probably need some fat to balance your blood sugar! The key is to start eating a whole, nutrient-dense diet filled with yummy foods. 


We offer programs designed to fit your needs and would be happy to talk you through the process and support you.  In addition, start taking a look at the foods you are eating and ask yourself; Are these foods just filling my stomach, or are they foods that are nourishing my body? 


Your body is incredibly intelligent and it’s up to you to listen to what it’s trying to tell you. Will you pay attention? 


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