Dropping Post Holiday Pounds

4 Tips To Drop Those Post-Holiday Pounds

  1. Ditch the guilt. You don’t need to be raking yourself over the coals the pumpkin pie you enjoyed over the weekend. In fact, that’s one of the quickest ways to put yourself into fight or flight where your body hangs on to weight. Drop the guilt- and the weight.
  2. Stay away from the scale. You don’t need it right now. Focus on nourishing your body with proper nutrition! Here at Body Mind Assurance, we have 3 different systems to help you re-fuel with important nutrients while losing the extra pounds. 
  3. Get good sleep! Sleep helps to reset your metabolism, balance your hormones, and heal. Poor sleep slows the body’s metabolism and can trigger the body to make more insulin and cortisol, leading to the body storing more fat (especially in the abdomen). 
  4. Get support. Working with a health coach is a great way to make sure you stay on track for your New Years’ resolutions! Will 2021 be the year you lose the weight and keep it off?

We look forward to answering any questions and assisting you on your road to a better body and health.  Are you ready?

We offer FREE 20-minute consultation with the coach to determine your needs and best fit. These are done one-on-one either online or in-person.

People have different goals, lifestyles, body types, and metabolisms.  Our systems are fully coached, app-tracked, results-based systems. Results you will see, be able to measure, and feel!  


Click Below To Watch How Dr. Laura Is Using This Approach For Her Own Weight- Loss Journey

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