The Experiment: Stress

When I ask people what their level of stress is, the most common answer they give is an example of what’s going on in their external world rather than a level of tension.

We humans tend to pay attention to our external environment rather than the our internal environment which creates a disconnect when I ask a question like, “how is your stress level”.. The question I’m really getting at is if you shut your eyes and feel your body, does your body feel stressed?  If it does, what is the magnitude of that feeling?  How would you describe it?   

You can trace most diseases, symptoms, diagnosis’, complaints and disillusionments back to our old friend, stress.

Stress is the body in fight and flight- It is in a burning and draining effect on the body which wears you out!

Simply put: If the stress is greater than the healing, ultimately it causes physical and mental illness.

 The fight or flight response is healthy in the correct situation – it’s actually a natural benefit when it challenges you to respond and makes you grow and become stronger. The issue with this response is when it’s long-lasting and we don’t allow our bodies time to rest and recover after a time of stress.

Picture the golden African Savannah. Maybe you picture a lion hunting in the tall grasses and an unaware gazelle within a paw’s reach of the lion. Then the lion decides to attack and puts both the lion and the gazelle into fight and flight. After the chase, (and let’s assume the gazelle got away and is safe), they both drop back into rest and recovery.  Heart rates slow, they catch their breath, and recovery from the fight or flight response begins.

Humans have all but lost the cycle and ability to leave fight and flight and take the time to rest and recover.    The constant work or school stress, a heavily toxic world bombarding us with chemical stress, and technology keeping us constantly simulated doesn’t allow for that recovery time.   Sleep (which is the ultimate recovery), has become an issue for many, again reducing the time for recovery.

Healing occurs in the rest and recover calm. Our program is focused on recharging the body’s battery, giving the body the nutrients it needs to recover and heal and establish a high tolerance for anything that’s comes your way. Whether your stressful battle is a job, a person (we all have that one family member…), fighting a disease or just getting through the next daily challenge, you want to be recharged and ready for stress so you can move forward and use your energy in a positive stress mode to achieve something.  Maybe you want to build a house, or create a new business, or create a stronger marriage, be a better parent, or do well in your schooling or in your next athletic event…you get the idea!

In this experiment with stress, we want to challenge you to listen to your body and begin allowing yourself to enter into that repairing mode. The first step is to recharge the battery by giving yourself the fuel you need to perform.  If you already have a special health condition, your priority is to heal and recover your health.  Trust the body’s natural ability to heal. It just needs the opportunity and the natural resources.   

Once this is accomplished, the second phase is to create an ideal healthy state so you are ready and can respond to the challenges in life preemptively.  This allows you to be proactive and responsive – leaning into life, instead of reacting to it. 

  1. Recharge your battery. Nutritionally and with rest and healthy exercise.  Feel the body. See if the  feeling of stress clams. 
  2. Look for the absence of stress. It may even feel boring after years of one stressor after another. If you ruminate, (go over things in the mind repeatedly), notice the ruminating, fade away.  

The body and mind with a full nutritional tank and energy is designed to heal itself- both mentally and physically! The recovery will become noticeable.   Many of our clients report back as feeling calm, inspired, still, and ready to execute life with confidence. That is the absence of stress- recovered in health and mentally recharged to walk in and handle a confrontational situation with with peace, calm and integrity. 

So, whether you’re suffering from a disease, a struggle, a mental illness or stressor, depression, a lack of motivation, or just wanting something big for your life – this is where the experiment fills that tank, recharges your battery, recharges your health,  and creates the energy you need to move forward and enjoy your life.

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