Nutrition and Bloodwork

Blood Work: 

Blood work can lend insight as to what needs to be addressed. It can also give us a baseline to continue monitoring as you begin to heal. Accurate blood work and hormone testing helps us to identify where we should begin and what areas need to be priority. After all, if you’re holding on to weight due to a hormonal imbalance, we want to be sure to address that first! We can order blood panels to be done in your area and review over the phone! From there, we create a customized plan of healing for you so we can get you back to feeling amazing!

Supplement with Superfoods: 

There are times when you still need extra support through superfoods and strategic supplementation to help give your body the extra boost it needs to get into Repair and Heal Mode!

Supplementing for your individual needs will light you up and make you feel amazing. It’s like your system is a jigsaw puzzle with a few missing pieces. When the unique few pieces are integrated, the puzzle becomes whole— and you thrive!


Our goal is to restore ideal health.  Better blood work, lowered blood pressure or blood sugars, balanced hormones, and clarity of thought. 


Nutrition is Charged by Superfoods

Imagine that nutritional superfoods could transform your health from a state of constantly feeling bad to a place of glowing vitality. What would you choose to transform first? Would you want more energy, better sleep, better mental clarity, less physical stress, better physical performance and strength, weight management? Would you be open to trying something new so that you could feel your best?

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