Laura Larson


Chiropractic, Custom Orthotics, Holistic and Integrative Health, Labs and Diagnostics, Weight Loss Coaching

Laura Larson spent her career in the holistic health world constantly seeking solutions for her patients to feel their best. Her personal journey to recover her health and happiness drove her to her career in holistic health care as first a chiropractic doctor who went onto a lifetime of study in functional medicine, nutrition, blood analysis, natural approaches to health and well being.

My Journey to Healing

My practice is the result of a deep, personal passion for holistic and patient-centered wellness. Driven by a desire to offer comprehensive care with a compassionate touch, I embarked on this journey to create a space where every individual's path to health and well-being is honored and nurtured.

Compassion at Heart

Every patient's journey is unique, and understanding that deeply influences my approach to care, fostering a healing environment tailored just for you.

Let's Begin Your Wellness Journey

I'm here to listen and help

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