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Orthotics aren't just inserts; they're custom-crafted solutions designed to align your stride, relieve discomfort, and enhance your overall mobility. With the flexibility of custom orthotics, I'll guide you through a personalized selection process that addresses your specific needs. From easing foot pain to improving posture and balance, the right orthotic can transform your daily movements into a more comfortable and confident experience.

Customized Orthotic Therapy isn't just for your feet.

Many joints in your body have taken wear and tear, leading to pain, stiffness and a chain reaction of mobility problems.

Custom orthotics, done well, are specifically adjusting posture and stressors of standing and weight-bearing, as well as all movement throughout your body.  Whether you have back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, or any other structural issue you've been struggling with, an evaluation and fine-tuning may offer you the relief and optimal performance you're looking for.   

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Structural stability provides a platform to injury recovery and rebuilding a strong foundation

Custom orthotic therapy utilized at Body Mind Assurance, has a full body approach to stabilization and optimization in movement.  We utilize correction through the feet to change the entire gate in motion above in every joint.  If there's been an injury or a chronic condition that has developed over time in any joint, aligning structure through the point of contact that hits the ground first... your feet, impacts everything above.   

Let us show you how an evaluation before injury can set you up for a lifetime of stabilty and optimal movement resistent to the majority of chronic stress degeneration most people are treating later in life as they age.   Our motto is "Prevention if possible".   We offer free structural evaluations for kids and adults alike.   Why wait?  Get your free evaluation today and see if you are a candidate for a small improvement or training program now to avoid costly and debilitating issues later.

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